My Favorite Disney Souvenirs

I love all things Disney, and souvenirs are no exception! Just the mention of the word and I envision myself browsing gift shops looking for the perfect item to bring home. However, while many trinkets call my name, I buy very few things at the parks. Instead, my favorite souvenirs are free … or should I say, included.

You see, my favorite Disney souvenirs are character photos.

One very magical aspect of our trips to Disney is saying hello to Mickey and his pals. Over the years, we have met hundreds of friends, in many variations of costumes. In the process, we have created precious memories with conversations had, the antics that took place, and the mishaps that occurred. (Yes, Donald, we know you didn’t mean to poke MJ in the eye!)

Over the last 15 years, the character photos that I’ve taken have been compiled in a special album.

Each photo is labeled with where we met the character, as well as the date. Each main character or movie has its own page, which can be added to over time. Here is an example:

Jungle Book characters

Perhaps you’ve been to Disney many times, or are just planning your first visit. Either way, this is a project that you can do, too. I began when we had several visits under our belt. I printed our character photos and jumped right in. Thankfully, I was part of a wonderful scrapbooking community for many years, and the ladies there helped design many of the page elements. (Lest you think I am very creative, I need to give credit where credit is due!)

Lilo Stitch page 1
Lilo Stitch page 2









Not a character fan? That’s okay, too.

You can take this idea and apply it to other aspects of a Disney trip. Each time you visit, take your photo in 5 or 6 particular spots or eating favorite treats. Compile the photos by subject, and over the years you’ll have a wonderful collection that not only documents precious memories, but is a pretty cool record of your child’s growth.

For those who would like to see more of my pages, I will be posting new layouts on Instagram and my Facebook page every Monday. Enjoy!

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  1. Georgia Beck | 28th Jul 17

    Those pages are great! Nice way to showcase your character passion!! <3

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