The Top 10 Reasons I LOVE Cruising!

If you had asked me 12 years ago whether or not I am a “cruise type” I would have given a resounding “No!!” After all, I don’t like crowds or feeling cooped up, and I get wretchedly seasick. Then, a good deal on a Disney Cruise enticed me to give it a try. Since then, I have been hooked, cruising a dozen times, becoming a travel agent, and passing the cruising bug on to fellow travelers.

When sharing my passion for cruising, the question I get asked the most frequently is, “So, why do you like cruising so much?” A truly simple question, with many answers. In response, here are the top 10 reasons why I LOVE cruising…(in no particular order)

10. Seeing a variety of places, while only having to pack and unpack once. 

Packing isn’t fun, and items never seem to fit back in a suitcase quite the same when moving from location to location. The fact that I can enjoy time in a fabulous destination, go have dinner and enjoy some evening entertainment, then wake up the next day in a completely different destination is irresistible.

9. The pampering.

As the chief domestic engineer at my house, what a special treat to have my cabin tidied up for me twice a day, delectable food brought out to me at dinner, and chocolates left on my bed in the evening while on vacation.

8. It is what I make it.

If I want to be active and go, go, go, I can. If relaxation is in order, I can do that, too. There is no one right way to spend a day at sea.

7. Something for everyone.

I can travel with family and friends, and we may all do what we enjoy. Even if we go our separate ways during the day, we meet back up at dinner time and share about our day’s adventures.

6. Few unexpected expenses.

I know up front what my food, travel, and entertainment expenses will be. Add in pre-reserved shore excursions, and I don’t have the killjoy of a large credit card bill waiting for me after vacation.

5. Indulging in excellent food guilt-free.

No having to decide where to eat based on budget, or choosing the least expensive item on the menu to save money. (Am I the only one who does that on vacation?)

4. Entertainment options.

I don’t sit still well, so I enjoy the variety of activities available in close proximity on a cruise ship. No reservations usually required, just show up and try something new. (ballroom dancing, towel folding, rock-climbing, a guest lecture, etc.)

3. Room service.

OK, this is silly, but I love ordering room service on a cruise. We NEVER order room service anywhere else, as we are far too frugal in our spending. Therefore, having the freedom to do so on a cruise, and knowing that it is included in the fare, makes me happy. After all, my mama taught me to enjoy the little things in life.

2. The people.

I am normally rather shy in getting to know people, but I really enjoy chatting with our servers and cabin stewards on our voyages. We have had some amazing conversations about life on board, their native countries, etc. It is another way to have my eyes opened to the world, without ever getting off the ship.

1. The ocean.

Somehow, being out in the middle of the ocean is an emotionally soothing experience. To gaze out across the water and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings is an experience like no other. Catch a beautiful sunset, or spy some marine life, and it gets even better.

Feel free to leave your comments on why YOU love cruising, as I’d love to hear from you!

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Lisa Stenfort

Lisa is the owner of Dreams Delivered Travel. She loves animals, reading, and exploring new destinations. When not on vacation, she helps others turn their vacation dreams in to reality (and her services are always free).

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